Hey I'm Carly!

I am a born and raised New England-er who moved south to the warmth and fresh peaches (shout out ATL).  I love coconut everything, puppy memes, and dancing to house music (music festivals are my jam).

My story has many twists and turns but let's just say I was always a fairly healthy girl with BIG dreams.  I am a true middle child so I was always working towards something.  This meant lots of stress and my love for candy, cake, and ice cream were REAL.  I never thought twice about what I was putting in my body until shit got real... I had a dream of dancing professionally so through my burning dreams, I got to work to shut up my sweet tooth and create the body I thought everyone wanted me to have. Through the years I was hit hard with weight gain and quick fixes wanting to look a certain way to fit in.  A constant cycle of self beat up and "failing" (lots of doors slammed in my face) had me left with a less than fantastic feeling around my weight, self-worth, and idea of what healthy was.  Lets say my outlook was very skewed from kicking my ass to look how I was "supposed to."  I think we can all relate to that.  I worked in the intense television industry for leading names like David Letterman and MTV's MADE and there was no room for taking care of yourself.  This was high demand, high stress situations.  Pair that with living in NYC and a string of toxic relationships...in came crazy weight yo-yoing, digestion issues, mono, terrible skin, and Lyme disease that I had to face head on.  Confused on where to start, what to do, and felt like I was too far away from my ideal health...any of this sound like you?  Read on...



I have learned from some of the top people in the industry through my health coaching certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and my personal training certification through both National Personal Training Institute and NASM. Most importantly I have LIVED IT.  I've made the mistakes and spent hours researching  SO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO.

These Days...

I am a warrior Holistic Health coach and Personal Trainer who coaches women all over the country to find their true inner peace and owning the body they have ALWAYS DREAMED OF.  Best part is, this is not some yo-yo plan...this shit sticks because I give you the tools for life. 

Through everything I learned, I lost over 20 lbs, cleared up my skin, can control my digestion issues and anxiety when they arise (because we are all imperfectly human).   I eat damn delicious, nutritious food (which still includes CHOCOLATE and chips) have healthy habits that feel like second nature, AND you can still find me dancing at a music festival.

It wasn't easy, nothing worth achieving is...but I committed to the work.  Even the inner work, which brought me a DREAM-LIKE relationship that I thought was only in fairy-tales.

This is ALL possible for you, I PROMISE! Get ready to become a mindfulness healthy badass!!

If you...

  • Are sick of feeling confused on what healthy is?

  • Beat yourself up for "falling off the wagon" and starting over

  • Are in this constant self beat up cycle 

  • Have tried the quick fix programs 

  • Have weight you want to lose and keep ofF

  • Want to feel more confident and love your body

  • Want to have the tools to stay healthy for life

  • need a cheerleader who won't let you fail

It's Your time...even star athletes have coaches

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