Game Changing Protein Secret

Green smoothies are one of my favorite things for breakfast.  There is something about that fresh taste that really sets my day off right.  I make sure to have enough protein in my breakfast to keep me full for a few hours, which is why the "bready breakfasts" don't work very well.  There is not much protein in those bagels or pancakes.  In the past I would make smoothies with protein powder which contains all those additives and chemicals. In my opinion it would always skew the taste and make the smoothies a little chalky.  I have an amazing protein secret to tell you about that will not only feed your protein needs, but blow your mind with the list of benefits.

This secret ingredient...Gelatin.  

I do not know how Gelatin isn't used by more people but, let me tell you, it is a game changer.  There are so many benefits to this stuff let me just list a few. 

Protein - This is a great substitute for protein powder to add to anything.  You can mix it in a soup, tea, smoothie...really anything since it is tasteless.  I add it to my paleo apple crisp topping and to my paleo banana bread.  Two tablespoons has 11g of protein.  

Digestion aid -  Gelatin helps to heal the gut and to aid in digestion.  If you are having some stomach issues, bloating or trouble with certain foods, adding gelatin can help.

Strengthens Hair and Nails - Who doesn't want strong and shiny hair and nails.  Gelatin can aid in strength and rate of growth.

Prevents Wrinkles - Forget the expensive anti-wrinkle creams, gelatin helps to tighten the skin.  We tend to lose collagen in our skin as we age so this is a very important thing to add into our diet. 

Helps Joints and Muscles - Healthy joints and muscles is something that gets more and more important as we age.  

Curbs Hunger - The protein helps in reducing hunger and keeps you full.

Among all of these amazing benefits it also contains 18 essential amino acids that we need in our diet.  Here is a one stop shop to get all those amino acids that you need.  This is quite the list of benefits and I can say that Gelatin is a staple in my cabinet.  


You can buy this protein by clicking the link below.  This will change the way you think of protein and say goodbye to those chalky texture random flavor protein powders with loads of additives. 

Here is a green smoothie recipe incorporating gelatin so you can pack your system with everything it provides. 

-Handful of kale

-2 cups of cashew/almond milk unsweetened

- 1 cup frozen peaches

- 1/2 cup frozen raspberries

-1/2 a banana

- 3 Tbsp Great Lakes gelatin

- Honey to taste

- Lemon juice to taste


Blend all of this together and you have a nourishing, protein packed smoothie.  Get creative and add your favorite kind of fruit.  Make sure to be mindful of servings sizes.  Did you know that a 1/2 a banana is one serving of fruit?  Always pay attention to how your body feels and reacts to certain foods.  The body is smart and will let you know how it feels about certain things.