How to Keep YOUR New Year's Resolution

It is almost here...the time of the year when that ball drops confetti is thrown in the air and we cheers to a new year ahead.  We are all in that zone to end the year on a great note and get ready for 2017.   And lets be real we are all getting a list of the things that we want to change.  It really is the perfect time to crush those fears that have been weighing you down in 2016.  People love the "I'll start Monday" phrase and once that passes with no change, it is so easy to just say "I will start next Monday."  Well this is the start of the new YEAR and we are not waiting 365 days until the next one to do those things we really want to do.  So lets lock our minds in and get ready for a kick ass year. 

So how are we going to make sure that we are dedicated and truly ready for this new year.  

1. Make it specific

Make sure your resolution isn't super vague...."lose weight," "eat better" "save money."  Well, you might never be satisfied with that goal if you do not know exactly what you want from it.   Set a number or specific description and make it realistic.  

2. One at a time

Many people want to change a bunch of things all at once, but that is sensory overload and it will only set you up to fail.  We want each new year to be better than the last, so why set yourself up to fail?  Set one goal that will make you feel absolutely amazing when you achieve it and go all in!

3. Record your goal

Write your resolution down and make sure you keep track.  The best way to do this is to make a resolution journal.  You will be able to look back and see how far you have come. Fill the pages of your journal with the ups and downs when working towards your goal.  We are always going to struggle, but those are the times that are the most important.  Failure makes us so much stronger and these are the best learning experiences.  

4. Ask for support

Don't be afraid to ask for support. Support from a professional, family, friends.  Reach out to me for any support you may need on your resolution or how you want to improve a certain aspect of your life.  We are always more successful when we have cheerleaders. When they see what you are doing you can help change someone else's life by being a inspiration for them.

5. Come from a place of LOVE

This is probably the most important of them all.  In order to make a change that will stick we need to make the change from a place of value and love for ourselves.  If we are making a change based on the fact that we are angry at ourselves, this change won't stick.  We need to be better about money not because we are broke and angry that we can't make enough or control our spending, but from a place of wanting to save money because we want to make our lives better and become proud when we redirect our spending.  Same thing for losing weight.  We do not want to lose that weight because we are mad at ourselves for not having will power or being lazy.  Instead we should look at this resolution from a place of wanting to love our body and nourish it with healthy habits.  And just wait for those progress photos! Make sure your goal is aligned with something that you love amd are passionate about.  This will allow you to be more excited about what you are doing and you won't let it slide.  Everyday you should be waking up wanting to work towards this goal and being the best you can be.

Our world is always evolving, growing, and changing everyday so of course we need to make sure we are too.  You should be so proud that you are taking responsibility of yourself Let's take the New Year by the horns and become the best version of ourselves. Who do you want to be in 2017?  

Have a safe, healthy and happy new year!


Non-ToxicCarly Mearman