Fix your Digestion With These 3 Tips

Do you know that 80% of your immune system is located in your gut?? Say what??


That means everything we are eating and how well it is digesting is directly affecting how we feel and our health.  I mean obviously we know that, but do we really understand what that means?  


Recent studies have shown that 74% of Americans have GI discomfort.  

These numbers are crazy high people! This is a serious epidemic and we need to help each other out.


Nothing is worse than your body reacting negatively and you not being able to figure out how to fix it.  You've been to a bunch of doctors and they all try to prescribe you something, nothing seems to work, or it's a quick fix and then the issue is right back.


If this is you, I hear ya! I was here about 4 years ago.  No matter what I ate my digestion would fire back.  I would be in this constant state of bloat and I would be convinced it was some medical issue and figured I had to live with it or a doctor would just fix it.


So every doctor tried to tell me I had IBS.  Yeah I know I stress.. I get it, so does everyone on this planet, and managing that is a whole 'nother thing (I got you later on this subject) after months and months of tests, celiac=no, intestinal ulcers= no, some crazy conditions I can't even pronounce= no...I said screw this and took matters into my own hands.  


No one should have to just settle for being in pain or discomfort.  Our bodies are smart, they run on their own but when we start to stuff them with crappy fuel, guess what, they will start to clog up and malfunction.  


The moment you really tune into the fact that your body is a machine and it will work for you when you take care of it, is the moment you start to really shift what you are putting into it and things start to fall into place.


Food is medicine, our mental state is medicine and I knew I can fix this on my own with the correct knowledge and tools.  This is how I discovered my love for health wellness.  I was sick of the back and forth and lack of answers from medical doctors. Focusing on our gut can heal so many of our health problems.  A lot of this is through trial and error for what works with your body, but I have so many tricks up my sleeve and I want to share them all with you!


Working on your health is something that is not easy it is not for the weak minded.  It is something that takes dedication, persistence, a positive mindset and a hell of a lot of desire to feel better. Are you ready to heal the your gut, your immune system, and strengthen your health?


Here are my top three digestion tips-



Places to go people to see..I get it We are always on the go, but stop for a moment because nothing is more important than our health and believe it or not, by compromising your digestion habits you are negatively affecting your health.  Remember how much of  your immune system is in your gut. Take the time to be mindful of what you are eating and practice gratitude around your food.  Pay attention to the speed at which you are eating and try to slow. It. down. Your food won’t run away


2. Probiotics

Probiotics have been trending lately and I am not mad about it. Probiotics are EVERYTHING.  Our gut lives for good bacteria and most people do not have enough.  I cannot stress the importance of getting that good bacteria of all different strands back in your system.  Kombucha, which is a fermented tea, is a great way to get probiotics as well as any type of fermented foods.  Refrigerated probiotic capsules are another good source, but make sure it is a reputable brand. A tip is to switch up the type of probiotics you get so your body gets all of the billions of strands it capsule cannot contain all the different kinds.


3. Digestion friendly and unfriendly foods

Become familiar with what foods your body responds well to and not so well to.  There are certain foods that are known to be harder to digest than others and rule of thumb is to try and stay away from those.  Some of those include broccoli, corn, soy, and dairy. Some friendly digestion foods are ginger root, brown rice, and bananas. Keep a food journal to pinpoint where you might have a reaction or when you may start to feel more sluggish.


These are just a few tips of many that I use everyday. You would refrain from putting shitty gas in your car right? So think about your body the same way.  You are given this body for the rest of your life so let’s treat it well and give it the nutrients it needs to run effectively.  When we focus on how our gut is feeling, our whole body will respond in amazing ways.  


If you have any questions about how you can get rid of that bloat, digestive discomfort, or just improve your gut health don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Let’s heal those tummies and bodies one step at a time.

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