4 Simple Steps to Start Kicking That Sugar Habit

Let me make this short and sweet...(pun definitely intended)...Sugar...it taste great, it makes everything taste better, it makes us happy, and its makes us sick.

Sugar is in everything everywhere we turn  It is in most things that we do not even need sugar in! (Read- 10 Foods you Didn't know Have Sugar in Them) This is a topic I am especially passionate about because when you become aware to what sugar does to your body it just makes you frustrated. With most of my clients, breaking free of the sugar prison is something they think will never be possible.  With some knowledge and accountability it success is possible and the freedom is pure bliss. 

Now I am not saying you can never have sugar, life is supposed to be sweet, fun, and enjoyable so enjoy a cookie/cake once in a while if that's what you love.  What you might not realize is you are probably consuming sugar in almost every single thing you eat. 

So how can you start to kick this habit? Here are a few things you can do!

1. Read labels!!

This is everything! Turn that packaged food around and read the label.  Most times it will have sugar, cane sugar, sucrose, maltodextrin, dextrose, corn syrup...and the list keeps going.  Just being aware is a huge step.  Read the labels of your common products such as salsa and pasta sauce.  Choose the one without the sugar in the ingredients!

2. Try something naturally sweet

Next time you want to have that cookie or piece of candy try something else! Dates are a great replacement for something sweet as well as berries! 

3. A little less each time

I see people adding 5 or 6 packets to their coffee the morning. This is an easy quick fix.  Add a a few less and slowly tapper off that added sugar.  Maybe add some coconut milk creamer to get added flavor!

4. Choose your first meal wisely

If you are starting off with something really carb-y in the morning this is going to set your taste buds and your day off in the sugar direction.  Make your breakfast higher in protein and good fats to curb that sugar craving.

Letting go of sugar means letting go to extra pounds and extra fatigue. Nobody got time for that...so let's get knowledgeable and aware of what we are putting in our bodies.  They will thank us for it, I promise!

Want to know what to swap out for those sugar cravings??

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