6 Things Lyme Disease Has Taught Me


“There is purpose in your pain.” This is what my Reiki master said as she attuned me. Tears filled up my eyes because this was a download I was getting the months before. This is what brought me to Reiki and without the Reiki master really knowing what was going on she told me she received a message to not heal me. There is purpose in this pain and I would heal myself.

This is a beautiful message, but in reality is made me so frustrated. I came to learn Reiki so I could connect with Reiki masters to fast pace my healing. Then in comes the message that I still had things to learn. Really universe?! There is so much purpose in this journey, since being officially diagnosed in December 2017 and having severe symptoms since 2016. So much has come up, days where I am sobbing and hopping on the “woe is me” marry-go-round. Other days I am determined, focused, and so ready to accept what this is soak it up like a sponge. Let me tell you, I am definitely learning and a huge part of this purpose is to share my journey. I have been eating paleo-ish for years, no sugar, dairy, soy, gluten…so I had this down to a science. It wasn’t even difficult for me to choose healthy and healing foods. My lesson was much bigger than just becoming healthier physically…Here are the top 6 things I have learned from this roller coaster of a journey.

  1. Immense gratitude for your body’s strength everyday - We take our bodies for granted. The fact that we can walk - hear- see - and MOVE. Lyme has kept me off my feet for days and has totally stopped my from working out. I was used to being in the gym twice a day and dancing til 3am. Now every time I have energy I am beyond grateful for what my body is doing. Tip: I wake up with 3 things I am grateful for. My fiance will remind me even when I am super grumpy (I am not a morning person). This is a game changer. You always have something to be grateful for.

  2. Surrender to what you cannot control - Most of us want to fix something immediately (instant gratification #millennials) and have full control. Lyme messes with your metabolism and leptin. I have gained some weight and would like to tone up…and usually I am able to just work it off. This is not the case right now and it is a true lesson to letting go. I have learned to surrender to what I cannot control and feel my way through it. Accepting that I cannot do what I used to do has been powerful- but still very difficult. Tip: Journaling is the best thing you can do to release the control. Writing out the feeling and letting go of them from your mind will make you feel so much lighter.

  3. Just BE and stop doing - This is a tough one for me to swallow. I am a middle child and I have been doing doing my whole life. How do we get anything done without going a million miles a minute!? We are taught about the outcome of the hustle. Without being able to hustle, there is beauty in the stillness. There is so much to be found when you get quiet and just BE in the moment. I have truly realized what is important to me and how to just live life. Tip: When you are walking somewhere next time look at everything around you. The texture of the trees, the way the colors look and just be in that moment.

  4. Reduce your toxic load-in every way - this is one of the biggest things I teach. I have made it a priority to reduce toxicity in every part of my life to lessen the burden on my body. This means the products you use in the shower, makeup, and cleaning supplies (list can go on) - The food you eat and the water you drink - Who you are surrounding yourself with and where you are each day. And the thoughts you think (see the next few lessons for more on that) Tip: Check out my blog post for some toxic free products I use. Make sure to always look at labels of the foods you eat.

  5. The language you use impacts your LIFE- I do not HAVE Lyme, I am HEALING Lyme. Lyme disease does not define me, I am not a victim to this disease, I am healing something that is is part of my journey and the way I speak about it is so important. Each word has a vibration - it is energy. This is with anything in life, not just healing. The language you choose creates your world. Tip: Pay special attention to your language, ask someone very close to you to remind you when you are speaking low vibration/ negative words. Accountability is everything. These could be habits you have had for years so be patient with yourself and practice.

  6. Your mind is the most powerful part of healing - You can eat all of the kale and wheat grass in the world, but if your thoughts are negative you will receive negative. Your body will be in a state of dis-ease and that is what you will create. This is something I work on every second of the day - it is my #1 priority. I received a message from the universe when I was jumping from doctor to doctor that said “you can heal yourself with your mind.” This disease is directly related to the dis-ease I am experiencing inward. I am so sure of this. The years of audition “fails,” toxic relationships, my relationship with myself, it is ALL connected. This is not to say that a healthy diet and lifestyle is not important…it 100% is, BUT all of the health trends in the world cannot world without powerful positive thoughts. You need to work on your mind- healing is an INSIDE JOB. Tip: Meditate, Meditate, Meditate…did I say Meditate? The best thing you can do to connect with yourself inward. If you have trouble mediating, take a class or look into a program. Release the expectation of meditation. I recently took a in depth course on a deep type of mediation. If you want to learn more I am happy to share this journey with you.

These are lessons I will take on for the rest of my life. Stop, go inward, and reflect. This world is designed to distract us, keep us in low vibration, keep us questioning who we are. The more awareness we can bring, the more peace we will feel and sometimes we have to be stopped in our tracks to receive these messages. Go with the flow.

Lots of love and healing,