I Stay Away From Gluten..Here is Why

"I can't have that...I'm Gluten-Free" is usually followed by someone rolling their eyes at this point. 

Following that is usually.. "you know that's not a thing right?" or "Are you celiac?" 

Answer to both those questions No!  I do not label myself but I CHOOSE to not eat gluten and here are the reasons why:


Gluten has been a huge culprit in messing with our gut health...which is where 70% of our immune system is.  You might have heard of "Leaky Gut" where nutrients is not absorbed by your gut the way it is supposed to.  It messes with the intestine wall and not so great substances can leak out into our bloodstream.   Once our gut is out of whack we open ourselves to load of issues and autoimmune disorders. 



I hear ya and there's some insight to what could be the factor. The US protocol for wheat farmers is to spray or DRENCH the fields with ROUNDUP a few times before harvest.  This makes the harvest wider, timed, and just plain easier for the farmers.  This has been happening since the 80's...makes a little more sense as to what could be the culprit for our tummy issues.  I have seem arguments both way on this denying this, but either way it is a possibility.


Since most of Americans grew up bombarded with gluten in almost everything we ate,.  Cereals, crackers, cookies, and now they add it to condiments sauces and every damn thing they package now.  Even if we do not have celiac we could very much be affected.  All of the mysterious digestive issues could be gluten stirring things up.  This was my personal story...crazy bloated (buttons on my pants even popped) went to every doctor, they had no idea what was wrong, every test..no idea. and I mean every test. I truly believe eliminating gluten is what saved my preggers looking stomach.  When you can't find the conventional answer...don't stop dig deeper. 


Gluten inflames your whole system.  A huge part of this is your brain.  This causes fog, fatigue and even depression.  It is becoming more popular to use gluten-free diets in children with Autism. Research has been conducted for years on how wheat is connected with our mental health. 

As most of you know if you follow me, I have Lyme Disease, which mimics an autoimmune.  It is essential for me to cut out gluten to assist with inflammatory responses, but honestly I was cutting out gluten even before I was diagnosed.  It was based on my research and the fact that it just made me feel better both internally and externally. 

 If you haven't tried cutting it out and it is something that interests you.. try an elimination diet and see how you feel.  It is all about awareness and learning what our bodies want.  We are all different and if we stop for long enough to listen to our bodies, they will tell us what works best.  


Lots of love and leveling up!


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