Expo West Review- Paleo Edition

“I am going to Expo West” is what I wrote in my journal years ago. Well here I am! I came, I conquered and I brought home 52lbs of samples. Holy moly. These brands are so passionate about what they do and it lights me up. This weekend was so magical and I loved every second of being able to be around like minded people. I turned over the products and read labels and people didn’t judge me. I heard “paleo friendly” and “no refined sugar” at every corner. Truly heaven. I wanted to do a quick round up of some things I saw and I will definitely be reporting as I make my way through these samples as to what I am loving. First the brands I always use and their NEW products. Then I will tell you about some brands I discovered what they have going on. Check. it. out. below!



Siete -

The holy grail of paleo brands. I mean they are the reason I can have nachos. Welp now they are releasing…TACO SHELLS. Hell yesss! It’s about to be a fiesta with their other new product sprouted bean dip! They are not released yet, but keep your eye out in the next few months!

Where to find:

For all their items you can find a location near you here

They also sell their other products on thrive and Vitacost


Barnana -

Not all of their items are paleo, but I am HERE for the ones that are! These organic chewy banana bites are up-cycled, paleo, AND delicious. How cute are these single packs too! I am a huge fan of their original flavor plantain chips too. **Make sure to check ingredients, only select items are paleo or no sugar added.

Where to find: You can find this brand at Whole Foods, Thrive Market, VitaCost or on their website


Mikey’s -

Their hot pockets are pretty much my best friend for real and now they intro’ed their breakfast burritos! They didn’t have them there to try yet, but I am soooo excited and they said some time in July.

Where to find: You can find Mikey’s at Sprouts and some Targets. Order on their website here ($20 off your first order when you sign up for the email list)

photo cred: https://www.instagram.com/p/ButuDO_lDeU/

photo cred: https://www.instagram.com/p/ButuDO_lDeU/

Soozy’s -

One of the first booths I went (ran) to. I am in love with these clean muffins that give me all the cozy feels. Sweet potato has always been my favorite. Well now they have DONUTS people! The Maple flavor was my favorite. They are also coming out with Matcha muffins and Banana Chocolate muffins. All of their products are free of grains, gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, peanuts, refined sugar, fake sugars, emulsifiers, preservatives, stabilizers and gums. I will be stalking the freezers til they pop up!

Where to find: Check your local Kroger or check the store locator on their website.

photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu7CwqsgKr3/

photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu7CwqsgKr3/

Coconut Cult -

So clean and delicious. Their new cookies and cream and chocolate flavors are INSANE. My personal fav is their classic vanilla toffee. I took some home so you will see my eating those quite often. Their ingredients are so super clean it blows my mind - and don’t forget that texture. Thick AF

Where to find: You can find a local store here


Caulipower -

sweet potato toasts or Sweet Potatoasts - I mean come on, genius. I kick and scream making sweet potato toasts because they are so annoying to cut and prepare. Welp this takes out all the work and I cannot wait to have these for breakfast…lunch…and dinner. They have already hit stores!!

Check out the article about them here.

Where to find: Store locator is found here


Purely Elizabeth -

Funny story…this brand was the inspiration for my business name. I love their grain free options. Paleo friendly and full of energy loaded ingredeints. I have always been tempted by their breakfast bowls as an easy on the go option and when I mentioned that to Elizabeth at the booth she pointed out their NEW grain free Cauliflower breakfast bowl. Prob the most excited I got all weekend.


Hu Chocolate -

They are making chocolate gems, which you can use for baking and melt down. This will definitely come in handy when dipping things in chocolate! My favorite thing I tried of their was their chocolate covered goldenberries. They had that sweet and sour combo that had me dancin’. Be on the look out for these. They sell on Thrive Market!

Where to Find: You can find their chocolates at Fresh Markets, Whole Foods, Thrive and their website. They also have a restaurant in NYC in Union Square. If you are ever there don’t walk RUN.


Wild Zora -

Funny story, they were not even exhibitors but I was sitting down next to one of the employees at breakfast and struck a convo. These meat and veggie bars are paleo and a few are AIP friendly. Life savers for those auto-immune peeps who want an easy and delicious snack on the go.

Where to find: They are based in Colorado and are just starting to get into stores, but for now the best way to find them is on Amazon or on their website.


Grandcestor -

I always walk by the frozen dinners section at Whole Foods or Target and think how nice and easy it would be to just grab one of those. Well my prayers have been answered. These Grandcestor PALEO frozen meals are also Whole 30 approved. They were delicious and I will def be ordering some for those short on time evenings..

Where to find: They can be found in select Whole Foods and their website.


Whole Me -

There were a lot of granola companies there (you could imagine) but this specific one taste just like an Italian cookie. It brought me right back to my childhood with my grandmother and I was hooked. These are grain-free so I was all about it. This will be my new go-to.

Where to find: Amazon and their website


Mother Raw -

Hands DOWN the best dressing and sauces. Oh em geee. The ingredients and taste do not touch anything else. The owner was a doll. Also, look at the packaging/branding. Super cute!

Dressing are one of the hardest things to find actual clean ingredeints so I Have to share with you the list:

*Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, Filtered water, *Unfiltered apple cider vinegar, *Lemon juice, *Hemp seeds, *Coconut palm sugar, Nutritional yeast, *Minced garlic, *Minced onion, Gray sea salt, *Dill, *Black pepper, *Red bell pepper, *Parsley, *Chives.


Where to find: You can find them on their website


Culina -

Delicious clean yogurt that also sets you up for a cute little hobby. After you eat the yogurt out of a little pot you can reuse it to plant a little succulent or plant of your liking. The texture was thick as can be and the flavor was super on point.

Check out their Instagram to see how dang cute these are!

Where to find: They told me they were coming into Sprouts soon! Until then you can find them on their website.

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Btv-IecFHRy/

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Btv-IecFHRy/

Pumfu by Foodies -

This was something that caught me by surprise. I am not a fan of tofu, but this wasn’t tofu. It was made from pumpkin seeds and it was delicious. It takes on the flavor of whatever you put on it just like tofu. I have been cutting back on my meat intake so this is a great option for a protein PUNCH. You can see a serving has 17grams!

This is launching at different stores but you can get the scoop at their post here

Check out their site here

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu4V7-9jV6N/

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu4V7-9jV6N/


Honey Mama’s chocolate-

Melt in your mouth chocolates that taste like fudge. These are ridiculously heavenly and they said they will be in Fresh Markets in ATL! I am counting down the days because I am sure this was the best thing to hit my taste buds the whole weekend. I keep mine int he freezer and have a little cube after dinner. It puts me in the best mood.

Where to find: Click here for the store locator. Coming to Fresh Markets and website


Pop & Bottle -

I could live on their Matcha Latte. I mean look at these ingredients, and branding. I am blown away by how clean it is without any preservatives either! I fell in love and I know you will do. I definitely will be ordering cases of these.

Where to find: On their website


Let me know which brands you are excited to try DM me on IG and let me know! Would love to hear from you!



Carly Mearman