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The Best HEALTHY Pumpkin Dessert

If you are basic and proud put your hands up! My hands are high up in the air because if loving pumpkin makes me basic I am all for it.  Fall is hands down (or up) the best time of the year.  The scarves, boots, football, crip air, apple picking, and all the yummy foods you can make. The best part about pumpkin is IT IS A VEGTABLE! *happy dance*  Now don't get this twisted, pumpkin cookies do not count as a vegetable serving, but this does allow for amazing paleo pumpkin treats!

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Two Minute Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

Through my dietary changes and the elimination of sugar, cake has been the ghost of birthday's past, but have no fear, of course we can make a paleo version and it is AMAZZ-ZING.  Trust me you are going to be counting down the minutes..well there are two, but you will just be that excited for the microwave to ding and for your sweet tooth to have a party.  Maple syrup and coconut sugar add a little sweetness to this recipe.  Also, a little secret...there is over 5g of protein in this cake with the addition of the protein I rave about all the time.  

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Quick Butternut Squash Soup

I have been really craving soups lately when the weather got really cold a couple weeks ago here in Atlanta. In good old Atlanta fashion, the weather went from 25 degrees to 75 degrees, but I still wanted soup or maybe I wanted an excuse to use my new Vitamix ;). Butternut squash soup is  my all time favorite soups so I decided to take on the challenge and make a super quick and easy version. 

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