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Carly is an amazing coach and has helped me in many ways. I think one of the biggest for me is what an amazing motivator she is. Sometimes even when you know what you SHOULD be doing, eating, etc it’s hard to get yourself to actually do it. One of the biggest take aways is how much she taught me about foods I had never heard of. She introduced me to paleo eating and now it is one of my passions to bake paleo and I get excited to share my knowledge with my friends. Every day, she was there by my side encouraging me and showing me how rewarding it can be to make those changes and learn new things.. She hasn’t just changed my diet or my exercise routine, she’s helped me to change my mindset and my lifestyle as a whole. To me that is priceless!
— Harper, 27, Tampa
Carly is not one of those short quick fix programs that will have you bouncing back to old habits. After working with Carly, my habits and more importantly my mindset has changed drastically. She first looked at what I was eating and doing in my day to day life.I set a goal and was able to accomplish the goal with Carly’s help. During Carly’s program I eliminated dairy and wheat from my diet which sounds like a large sacrifice, but the way she coached me through it made it simple and sustainable. I started with small changes like from 2% milk to almond milk and she taught be the “why” behind everything we were doing,

My results have been incredible. I ended up losing more than 7 pounds during that quick challenge.My mind was sharper,I was in a better mood, I feel more comfortable in the clothes I wear and more confident in my day-to-day life. Another unexpected bonus was a clearer complexion.

The most powerful thing Carly has taught me is that any goal is reachable. When we first looked at my diet to see how much wheat and dairy I was consuming I felt that this mission was impossible. Carly’s unique style and approach made it possible by helping me figure out small steps to take to reach my goal and showing me the ways tools to keep this lifestyle long term. The tools I have learned from Carly can roll over into every aspect of my life. I would recommend Carly’s coaching to anyone who is ready to transform into a healthier and productive life. Even though I was learning about health and fitness, I was also learning about my deeper-self. I am planning on keeping in touch with Carly on my progress and keep tabs on her blog for new recipes!
— Rachael, 25, Connecticut
When it comes to fitness and healthy eating, Carly knows her stuff! Before working with Carly my eating habits weren’t that great and my energy levels were low. The food I ate was more out of convenience and not about being healthy. I would grab whatever was closest and fastest near my office. I was tired of the way I was eating and feeling exhausted throughout the day. Carly suggested I share with her my usual grocery list and she worked with me to find alternatives to the food I loved. For example, switching from pasta to spaghetti squash (which is amazing). I made a point to prep my meals at night for the next day and found after about a week of eating healthier I had more energy throughout the day! Carly was so supportive and encouraging, and gave me confidence to implement a healthier lifestyle . I would highly recommend her!
— Lindsay, 30, New York